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Engr. MD. Aktarzzuman


Faridpur Engineering College

My heartiest welcome from Faridpur Engineering College. Faridpur Engineering College commonly referred to as FEC is a public undergraduate college in Faridpur, Bangladesh. Faridpur Engineering College is an elite institution for graduating in engineering disciplines in Bangladesh, and is affiliated with the University of Dhaka Faridpur Engineering College established in the year 2010 under the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, University Of Dhaka. It is the latest addition to Bangladesh's government engineering institutions. Faridpur Engineering College is one of the new and modern engineering colleges in Bangladesh. Faridpur Engineering College is located in Baitul-Amman, Faridpur. Every building is accommodated in a multi-storied building over an area of about 7 acres land. There are 13 buildings including an administrative building & faculty buildings. There are also quarters for teachers & staffs. The hall facility of Faridpur Engineering is well known. There are three residential halls. Two halls for men & one hall for women. In every semester government would give 1950 taka per students for basis in CGPA (Top 50% students in per batch or department).Quota is available for girls also. After completing graduation, there is a scope to study abroad with a scholarship which is counted by the rank of the University of Dhaka. As a new Engineering College, FECian students got the opportunity to study in world’s famous engineering universities. My best wishes to you all.

History of the Inistitute

Faridpur Engineering College (FEC) is a public undergraduate college in Faridpur, Bangladesh. It was established in 2010. It is located in Baitul Aman Faridpur town of Faridpur District. Faridpur Engineering College is affiliated with University of Dhaka under the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
Construction of the Education Engineering Department began in 2005, financed by the government of Bangladesh. The main work was completed in 2010, while electricity and water connections finished in 2013. Faridpur Engineering College was inaugurated by Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, minister of local government, rural development and co-operatives engineer. In 2014 120 students enrolled at the college.
All departments are housed in a multi-story building on a campus of approximately 12 acres. its 10 buildings include an administrative building, three faculty buildings, a cafeteria, a bank, a post office, a library and an auditorium. Three residence halls provide student accommodation,one for women and two for men.